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Find Inspiration for Unique Custom Jewelry in Calgary’s Trendy Fashion Districts

Calgary has a large population of trend-setting individuals who constantly seek new and unique items to bling out their wardrobes. One of the ways these trend setters ensure their styles are undeniably their own is by designing one-of-a-kind accessories. To find their divine inspiration for custom jewelry, Calgary fashionistas often travel around town soaking up the rich diverse atmosphere of Calgary’s trendiest areas and events. If you’re looking for your own inspiration, here are a few places to start.

Fashion Central
Contained in three beautiful historic buildings, Fashion Central is a unique shopping experience with a wide range of fashion and accessory boutiques filling three full floors. Here you will find some of the most fashion-forward names in the industry, making it the perfect location to draw inspiration for custom jewelry in Calgary.

Inglewood is known as “the go-to place” for anything one-of-a-kind. The majority of the shops found here are independently owned and filled with interesting fashion accessories and creative décor unlike other vendor that cater to mass market preferences. More than just fashion, Inglewood is also known as the place to find virtually anything designer, which offers ample occasion to find a muse for custom jewelry.

International Avenue
Just as the name suggests, International Avenue is filled with culturally diverse shops and restaurants that lure patrons with a variety of overseas offerings. On top of the year-round shops that are constantly replenishing their unique stock, there is also a huge annual celebration called Global Fest that happens here. During this festival, the locals are able to take in some truly incredible sights and sounds courtesy of all the venues and performances the participants offer up to represent their cultural heritage. This celebration is a wonderful chance to get ideas for design details and colour combinations for various accessory pieces to fill a collection.

Fourth Street
Fourth Street is mostly known for the incredible dining selection; however these 13 blocks also hold many well-hidden secrets that only locals or adept fashion-finders know. For a unique assortment of designer shops and trendy boutiques, a stroll down Fourth Street presents a wide selection of fun décor and design that are sure to strike inspiration for new jewelry styles. Between the delicious gourmet delights and the wonderful atmosphere, it’s no doubt that a visit here will end up with a special accessory idea in mind.

This chic area of the city is one of the most sought-after communities for the young and fashionable. Here you will find exotic foods and fashion pieces along with an eclectic mix of design and décor from all over the world. Also known to be the artist’s location for creative inspiration, it’s perhaps one of the first stops that anyone should make for finding interesting jewelry designs.

Victoria Crossing
A historical district reimagined as an upscale shopping and dining area, here there are many trendy fashion and accessory boutiques to get the creative juices flowing to design custom jewelry in Calgary. With this area being built up more each year, it’s a great source for new and upcoming trends in the fashion industry.

When choosing custom jewelry for a truly unique accessory collection, always look to the areas that fashion lovers are most drawn to. These areas are guaranteed to provide incredible selection and offer a glimpse into the trends that are just around the corner, enabling you to design the most fashion-forward one-of-a-kind custom jewelry piece in Calgary.