Get the Traditional Handcrafted Jewelry

Jewellery which has been fashioned or formed solely by hand power or hand guidance is called handmade jewelry. Tools and machinery used to fashion the jewellery have to be guided by hand to be classified under the category. This type of jewellery is quite exclusive and personal. Anyone can make it. From an amateur to a professional each piece has its own personal mark which is unique to its maker. No two pieces are truly identical as they are not made by automated machinery.

A lot of people opt for handmade jewelry due to its low strain on their pockets. People can easily go to craft stores and buy beads, strings, glitter, etc… at cheap and affordable prices. They can fashion it the way they want. Having a customised piece of jewellery makes one confident and have a unique style. It can be made into anything we desire. It can be changed everyday with just a few minor adjustments. Conventional jewellery is made to be worn in a specific manner. This type of personalised jewellery can be worn in any manner we can think off. For example a simple string of beds can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or an anklet.

Customised jewellery is a perfect fashion accessory adding colour and flair to your personal style. Handcrafted jewelry designers change and adapt with current fashion and are an integral part of the fashion industry. Designs from prestigious and world renowned designers don’t cost as much as conventional jewelry. This is a very cost effective way of making jewelry. Mass produced jewelry does not have that uniqueness which sets this traditional art of making jewelry well appreciated and recognised. Whenever possible, people tend to opt for this type of jewelry knowing that they will own a one of a kind piece of jewellery made by an experienced artisan.

Handcrafted jewelry has a certain ethnic flair. Different cultures jewelry represents that culture and region’s historical, sociological and religious influence. Almost all religious jewelry is fashioned by hand and has intricate carvings which reflect a part of the culture to which it belongs. Each region has its own type of jewelry unique to it due to the difference of availability of raw materials and resources among them. For example people living near the coastal areas are likely to fashion jewelry out of seashells just like people from mountainous regions fashion jewelry and accessories from animals hides and precious or semi-precious stones.